Celebrating America's Beauty Through Handknit Socks

13 Designs to Warm Your Feet and Heart

About the Book

With over 625 million feet in the country, it’s no surprise that sock knitting is such a passion in the U.S. Thirteen American designers celebrate their favorite places with designs inspired by the beauty of  America — from the sweet onion fields of Washington State, to the Florida dunes, from the Grand Canyon to wintry Maine.  I’ve included five yummy regional recipes as well as travelogues for an armchair tour of some of my favorite places. Happy knitting, traveling and cooking!

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Meet the Author, Beth Moriarty

Meet the Author

Beth Moriarty, known to fans of PlanetPurl.com as the “PurlQueen,” has shared her online classes and instructional videos have been viewed on YouTube almost 2 million times. She designs individual downloadable patterns which are available under the PurlQueen Patterns label (PurlQueenPatterns.com), and her first book, Deep South Knitting (DeepSouthKnitting.com) was published in 2011, with 25 projects inspired by the history and beauty of the American South, together with travelogues and a dozen of her favorite southern recipes.

Learn More About the Author

Meet the Author, Beth Moriarty

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